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FLM as the Fulcrum of Field Force Engagement





The Medical Rep (MR) is uniquely placed to build relationships with pharma’s primary customers – doctors and retail pharmacies.


Developing the capabilities of the FLM is critical to ensure that the Medical Rep has the right set of KA$H to build personal relationships with doctors and retail pharmacies.


The Front Line Manager (FLM) is the last-mile-connect of pharma strategies and on him lies the onus of equipping Medical Reps to be effective in their role as territory managers.


According to Enrique Garrido, the role of the FLM is critical because although the company determines the direction of the organization, the FLMs assess the implementation of the strategy. It is well known that 75% of projects fail in implementing strategy.

Pharmaceutical companies can obtain dramatic improvement from their sales forces when their first line managers (FLM) improve their own effectiveness.

To understand and execute the company’s strategies is the primary responsibility of FLMs, to do this, he has to understand and play his role as a business manager and team leader effectively.