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The journey of Pharmed has been quite momentous. This eventful journey began on August 10, 1946; when the Company was incorporated in Bombay, and the corporate office is presently set amidst in the sylvan and sprawling greenery of Whitefield, Bangalore.

Pharmed is a dynamic, rapidly growing pharmaceutical company, where our constant endeavor is to provide a better quality of life for mass and thus, build a better and healthier India.

Our Vision: To attain leadership in Orthopaedic, Gynaecology and Physician Segments.

Our Mission: To be a respected Pharmaceutical Company which offers new and innovative evidence based specialty healthcare products to improve quality of life.

Pharmed can take a great pride in making many first inroads in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market and is presently a trendsetter in many therapy areas. Pharmed has been first to introduce many new formulations to the Indian market.

Calcium Citrate (SUPRACAL)
Glucosamine Sulfate (CARTIGEN)
Multivitamin & mineral with Piperine bioenhancer (ABSOLUT 3G)
Women multivitamin & mineral with Evening Primrose Oil (ABSOLUT WOMAN)
Pre-probiotic Lactobacilli with Fructooligosaccharides (LAFF)
Pamabrom for premenstrual syndrome & dysmenorrhea (PAMASPAS)
Regenerative support for tendinopathy (TENDOCARE & TENDOFIT)
Glutathione for uteroplacental insufficiency (RIGIN PLUS)
Therapy for metabolic osteoarthritis (MEGACARTIGEN)
Unique Magnesium and Vitamin D3 combination (MGD3 / MGD3 60 K)
With carefully chosen product basket, Pharmed continues to strengthen its position in the domestic market, especially in Orthopedic, Gynecologic, General Health, Pediatric & Gastroenterology Segments, with the philosophy of innovation in manufacturing, marketing, and management systems. We firmly believe that pursuing a world-class standard in our people, products, performance, promotional tools, and processes, will result in quantum growth.

Pharmed continues to invest in novel technologies, new processes, innovative product manufacturing, and talented people, striving at all times to live up to its Charter of Healthcare predominantly in Nutraceuticals. We conduct our business with the highest ethical, moral and legal standards, and continue to maintain our own expression, “Partnership at its Best”.



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