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Greetings from MedicinMan and CredoWeb,


The Chinese word for crisis is composed of two different words – danger and opportunity.


Every crisis including the present one, has many dangers; therefore, we need to take all the precautions needed to stay healthy, including staying at home.


For pharma sales and marketing professionals staying at home is probably the hardest task, especially when the future seems uncertain. Crisis also offers opportunities for those who adopt a growth mindset and look beyond conventional ways of interacting with customers.


If you look only at the danger part of the Covid19 crisis, you will experience loss of control, anxiety and even despair about the future. If you and your company can see the opportunity in this crisis and learn how to differentiate and strengthen relationships with customers, you can emerge stronger, more creative, and with a loyal and engaged customer base.


We at MedicinMan, have been working hard with CredoWeb to look at the opportunity in the present lockdown crisis and prepare pharma sales and marketing professionals to exploit the new opportunity presented by the Covid19 crisis.


CredoWeb is a digital platform that seeks to facilitate professional communication between all healthcare stakeholders and provide them with a unique online space where they can exchange knowledge, opinions and information.


Realizing the power of increasing digitalisation in healthcare, CredoWeb strives to become the world’s leading provider of digital tools, channels, and solutions that enable entirely new communication models within the healthcare industry.


CredoWeb provides to the industry and organizations a variety of multichannel tools such as virtual events, webinars, e-learning courses, tailor-made e-messaging and more. The proprietary Business Intelligence tools from CredoWeb aim to deliver measurable value, analytics and insights of every activity carried out on the platform.


MedicinMan and CredoWeb have put together a curriculum that will enable pharma sales and marketing professionals to engage customers through digital media and multiple channels of engagement that it offers, a better customer experience.


Starting May 1, Digital Excellence Pharma Academy, a partnership between MedicinMan and Credoweb will begin a series of webinars followed by virtual discussions to explore the opportunities presented by the Covid19 crisis.


MedicinMan and CredoWeb will bring a series of 40+ webinars and other resources by Indian Pharma and global thought leaders to fully equip Indian Pharma sales and marketing professionals with the knowledge, skills and most importantly the mindset to turn the Covid19 crisis into an opportunity to transform our business model and become equipped with new mindset, knowledge and skills to create meaningful customer engagement and experience.


Remember, your colleagues in R&D, manufacturing, medical affairs, supply chain among others are working day and night to help the world beat the Covid19 pandemic through new and better drugs, devices, diagnostics and disposables.


It is your responsibility to equip yourself to make the efforts of your company and colleagues bear the results that will make India, the world’s trusted healthcare partner.


So, welcome onboard the Digital Excellence Pharma Academy, for an exciting journey that will transform this crisis into a great business opportunity.


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Registration for DEPA 2.0
Registration for DEPA 2.0
DEPA 2.0 - Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series
DEPA 2.0 - Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series