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Connecting Health

What is CredoWeb
CredoWeb is a digital communication tool serving all healthcare stakeholders, providing pharma industry with highly customizable multichannel marketing instruments for national and cluster level usage. Powerful tool enhancing the relationship, engagement and loyalty of medical professionals.
Pharmacies Patients and
Patient organizations
Doctors Medical specialists Companies Pharmacists Hospitals Institutions and Organizations
Our Purpose
To make communication in the Healthcare sector much easier. There are more benefits for you as a company in the healthcare industry: You will be able to present your products to medical specialists, experts and to the general public no matter if we talk about OTC or RX products, medical devices or services.
How CredoWeb helps your business

Your benefits as a company:

You can present exclusively your offers and news to doctors, health experts, institutions and patients. You choose whether to publish them to all users or in the specially separated section for medical specialists

With just a few clicks you become part of the CredoWeb network!
Position free of charge your company's presentations, products and services in the largest social healthcare network
Publish your content whenever you want with no limitations
Attach graphics, photos, videos or files and publish whenever you want your multimedia content
Accurate targeting of all your target groups
Present your brands and topics according to relevance for medical specialists, experts and patients. You choose how to communicate with your target groups in the open or closed section for publications. And all of this in just one platform
Your effective multi-channel marketing tool
Inform via CredoWeb about OTC, RX products, medical devices or consumer healthcare devices, services, etc.
Reach & Frequency
Reach additional audiences that could not be informed due to limited resources. Increase the contact frequency to existing customers via this additional channel
Brand Perception
Bring your brands and products closer to your target groups in a healthcare related environment
Community Listening through our "Virtual Discussions"
Invite your partners to talk in a virtual room. Discuss with them or listen to what your group is interested in
Direct sales support
You can intensify the contacts frequency, the scale and the depth of the product's message in a changed environment with less time for visits on the spot.
Your flexible tool for any campaign
CredoWeb can be integrated into communication strategies at different intensities depending on the use of resources
SEO optimization, personal support & flexibility
This is a constant principle since the beginning when CredoWeb was created