Connecting Health

What is CredoWeb
CredoWeb is a digital platform that seeks to facilitate communication between all healthcare stakeholders and provide them with direct access to most relevant expert information on health-related matters.
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Patient organizations
Doctors Medical specialists Companies Pharmacists Hospitals Institutions and Organizations
Our Purpose
To simplify communication within the healthcare sector and at the same time to provide all participants with direct access to first-class expert knowledge on health themes
Advantages for doctors
CredoWeb offers you professional exchange of information with colleagues, patients and institutions. In addition, the interactive platform serves as a high-quality business tool through which to present your professional experience.
Your Benefits
  • Efficient communication with patients

    via multimedia materials (e.g. video, photos, audio- or PDF-files)

  • Presentation through a personal professional profile

    including info about certificates, additional qualifications, medical equipment etc.

  • Image building and popularization of professional experience

    interregional exchange with colleagues

  • Positioning as an expert

    by publishing and sharing scientific papers and contributions

  • Always up-to-date

    about current congresses and science news

  • Direct networking with colleagues

    Simplified and fast communication in the professional sphere

  • Exchange of expert information with other specialists

    in specialized forums, virtual events and discussions

  • More visitors to your website

    via direct link to your webpage

  • Time saving

    via timely announcement of actual information about your medical office

  • How to create a profile?
    Everyone can create a profile himself, present his practice and his professional experience. However, CredoWeb is happy to assist you. Simply contact us via email at
  • Do I have to pay?
    CredoWeb is and will continue to be an absolutely free service for doctors and other medical specialists
  • What is necessary to create a profile?
    You need to provide info about: email, name, address, medical specialty, date of birth. We will also need your telephone number as well as your doctor registration number to be able to verify your medical competence as well as for feedback.
  • When is the profile activated in CredoWeb?
    As soon as you register, you can read and comment on all open publications and events. The verification of the data you provide is done in less than one day after which you will receive a confirmation via email. After receiving the confirmation you will be able to use all the services of the social platform, including being able to read protected content and also to create publications.
  • How can I log in to CredoWeb?
    Click on "Registration" below