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Jharna Healthcare based in the National Capital Region of India is backed up by a team of experienced medical writers, consultants, advisors, subject matter experts, graphic designers, illustrators, and software developers having more than 20 years of experience.


We  offer high-quality medical education content for the medical fraternity for updating themselves with the latest research, reviews, clinical observations, and outcomes. Our experiences of over 20 years can be seen in the content we curate for the medical fraternity.

These journals publish hundreds of articles and reviews for better patient care. Besides medical journals, we source high quality, evidence-based resources like Best Practice, Product Monographs, Image Compilation, etc from top publishers across the Globe.


Besides these popular products like Newsletters, Video Journal, Case Reports and Learning Modules are part of our communication and brand support products which adds immense value to the medical fraternity.


With educational grants from our clients – the pharmaceutical industry, based on our years of experience we identify the need gaps in providing solutions to help them stand out and in turn enhancing better patient care for the healthcare professionals.



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