About Me

Dr. Tanya Timeva is a highly qualified specialist in the field of AG and Reproductive Medicine. Medical director of Dr. Shterev Medical Center. Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Sterility and Reproductive Health.

She has been practicing in the team of Prof. Shterev since 1998. Before 2007 she received a doctorate degree, defending a thesis on "Pre-implantation prognostic factors and prenatal diagnostics in assisted reproductive technologies" at Medical University Sofia. Dr. Timeva has a Master's degree in Health Management, she was a consultant to the National Health Insurance Fund under the infertility treatment program (2006-2007) and is a member of a working group with the Ministry of Health amending and supplementing Order №28. She became the head of a research project at the MES and participated in an educational project for learning activities at the European Board of Colleges of the College. In 2011 she was elected a representative of Bulgaria in the category "clinician" to the Committee of National Representatives of the European Association for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) with a three-year mandate. Since March 2012 she has been a member of the Board of the Bulgarian Association for Sterility and Reproductive Health (BACRP), and since 2014 she is its chairman. Editor-in-chief of the specialized journal "Reproductive Health". 

There are 28 publications, 11 of which are in international publications and over 40 published abstracts and scientific collections of conferences and congresses.