About Me

I am a Pharmaceutical Industry veteran in national and multinational firms and had a successful career in Sales and Marketing of formulations as Vice President Marketing and has experience in pharmaceutical consulting. He has 30 years of industry experience and 20 years of consulting experience.

I have launched three pharmaceutical companies in Hyderabad and revolutionized the promotion of Coenzyme Q 10 in the Indian Market. I was responsible for concept selling of Quinoa through Specialty Doctor promotion in India.

I have quality consulting practice in the educational sector, Hospital management and other verticals in FMCG.

 Trained more than 20 Pharmaceutical company employees, workers in factories, Pharmaceutical Precision Instrument manufacturing company employees and Trained company field force in marketing formulations, including basic Science knowledge, Training to market and sell the products, skill-based training, Leadership training, Behavioral workshops, Interpersonal Relationship Skills and Customer relationship Excellence. Has two Trade Marked Products O-IPRS™ and BOCURB™ using virtual tools


Trained Doctors on Behavioral Orientation workshops, and nursing students. 

I have created specific training programs for faculties in schools and colleges both in India and overseas.

I am a certificate holder in Train the Trainer from Dale Carnegie Institute and holds a certificate from AHLEI for managerial development. I specialize in online Interpersonal Relationship analysis (O-IPRS™) and conduct Behavioral Orientation workshops on customer relationships (BOCURB™)


President and CEO
500089, Hyderabad, India, Villa A-53, Dews Ville Manchirevula, Narsingi R R District Hyderabad -500 089
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I have been following the Postings in LinkedIn by Mr. Anup Soans and expressing my views clearly. It makes lot of sense to be trained in handling the Virtual Marketing Process and be a part of the big picture at a later date. As I have expressed, first it would be a combination o...
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