What you need to do..during gradual relaxation of lock down

What you need to do..during gradual relaxation of lock down

As the gradual relaxation of lockdown process goes on, you as a manager may have to keep revisiting the activities of your team members and guide them...taking into account the guidelines from your organisation and the updated scenario in your respective geographical territories.


Relying on these practices will help team members stay safe and infuse understanding and meaning thus helping to carry the organization through the challenges with a renewed sense of purpose and trust.


So, you need to ...

1. Communicate clearly, simply, frequently

2. Keep messages simple, to the point, and actionable.

3. Talk more of “Dos, not don’ts.”... People tend to pay more attention to positively framed information; negative information can erode trust. Frame instructions as “dos” (best practices and benefits) rather than “don’ts”

4. Repeat, repeat, repeat... So, establish a steady cadence, repeat the same messages frequently, and try mantras, rhyming, and alliteration to improve message “stickiness.”

5. Choose candour over charisma... Focus on facts—without sugar coating.

6. Be transparent. Transparency builds trust.

7. Involve your teammates in decision making. When making operational decisions, involve stakeholders.

8. Demonstrate vulnerability. Judiciously share your own feelings and acknowledge the personal effects of emotional turmoil.
9. Mind what you model. What you do matters as much as what you say in
building trust, and scrutiny of leaders’ actions is magnified during a crisis.
10. Celebrate the positives. Sharing positive stories and creating uplifting
moments are important building blocks in reigniting resilient spirits.
11. Help people to help. Helping others is a great way to improve well-being
and reduce stress.
12. Build community. It’s important to rebuild a common social identity and a
sense of belonging based on shared values, norms, and habits.
13. Set clear goals and ‘walk the talk’.
14 Connect to a deeper sense of purpose.
15. Foster organizational dialogue.


Debasish  M Banerjee
9 May 2020 13:47

Concise and brief -- thanks