Keynote: What is the Equation for Change

Keynote: What is the Equation for Change

The first webinar, Adopting the Digital Mindset part one, was off to a flying start.


Here are the key learnings and some responses from the participants:

  1. Digital Adoption begins by adopting a digital mindset. This was illustrated by the example of Chuck Yeager, a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air force, who became the first person in history, to break the Sound Barrier.
  2. Key learning from Chuck Yeager: "You cannot fly a supersonic aircraft with a subsonic mindset. First, break the barrier in your mindset."
  3. Similarly, you cannot adopt digital technology without making a big shift in your mindset – adopt the Growth Mindset, which focuses on continuous efforts to learn and practice.
  4. Changes like digital adoption is necessary, but it is not easy. Digital adoption requires vision from the top leadership, new skills by all who are involved in the change effort, the right incentives to drive the change, resources that are needed and finally a time bound action plan. Absence of these five factors, lead to confusion, anxiety, gradual change, frustration and false starts.

Equation for Change - Adopting the Digital Mindset

We trust this gives you the right start to begin your journey with Digital Excellence Pharma Academya unique fusion of learning and implementing Digital Adoption.


Digital Excellence Pharma Academy is the only platform that not only equips you with KA$H -you’ll learn about KA$H soon in the future webinars.

The partnership between MedicinMan and CredoWeb offers you the ability to adopt the digital platform to communicate and engage your customers at any point during the journey.


Here are some of the responses from participants of the first webinar:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting this program which is very much required.


My 3 key learnings from this session are:

1. You need to develop a barrier-breaking mindset to achieve the desired results.

2. Equation of CHANGE that blew my mind

3. No matter what your ability is, it is an effort that determines results

Excited to start this journey.

Rohan Kapoor, Asst. Product Manager, Canixa Lifesciences, Delhi

Loved the session Anup. Great slides and messages.

Samish Menon Thekkil, Global Market Access Director, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Nice platform to build up the belief first before practicing the digital platform.

Arnab Majumdar, Area Sales Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bhubaneswar.

This wonderful start to be what is expected to be an exciting learning journey, industry specific and country specific, executable and scale-able. Looking forward to learn and share.

One great thing brought about: Segmentation of customers in parameter of their digital behaviour, that helps in content creation , platform application targeted to specific segments of digital curve and meet ultimate objective of reception of key messages. Whichever company is able to do that will be ahead of the curve and create differentiation. Agree all starts with MINDSET. Necessity is the mother of Invention - True for all level.

Sumanta Das, Country Brand Manager, Pfizer Ltd, Mumbai

Excellent session on Mindset. Inside out approach is what actually gives us success.

Pallob Chaudhuri, Area Sales Manager, Natco, Kolkatta

Thanks for the initiative. I strongly believe that future will be digitalized approach majorly and during this pandemic it has already started. I’m really eager to know how to  explore the multichannel ideas to get in touch and influence the customers. Apart  from email, Apps, webinars what are the possible channels that can be effective.

Subha Das, Business Development Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim, Barasat

Now get ready for the second part of Adopting the Digital Mindset webinar, where we will cover:

  1. Why Medical Reps are needed even in the Digital Era? What changes do they have to make to remain relevant.
  2. New segmentation of doctors and imperatives for pharma marketing.The increasing role of Medical Affairs in marketing communications.
  3. Welcome, again to the second part of Adopting the Digital Mindset on Friday, 8th May at 5 PM.

So, welcome onboard the Digital Excellence Pharma Academy, for an exciting journey that will transform this crisis into a great business opportunity.

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Amaninder Dhillon
9 May 2020 17:15

Is the part 2 video available for on-demand view 

Hello and thank you for your interest in Digital Excellence Pharma Academy!

You can access the second discussion here:

To keep everything organized, each session will have its own page on CredoWeb and every week we are sending invitations to pharma professionals. Every session will be available for interaction for one week after its start.

All the best!

Vivek Hattangadi
15 May 2020 17:05

Unable to log in for today's webinar. Trying hard. Vivek 

Pradeep Yanamala
16 May 2020 00:15

How can I access today webinar as I have just joined and looking forward for great insights!

B G Chandrashekar
20 May 2020 19:15

I would be interested in this. Please allow me.

Ajit Kakirde
9 May 2020 11:14

Anup sir, I have seen both the webinor and i think of you as some body who has researched a lot on day to day matters of pharmaceutical Reps and Managers. my question is in india most of the companies are only selling "me too" drugs and very few have research molecules and that's why information given by Reps is repeatative and hence doctors generally don't get new information from such Reps and Managers. what would be the role of such companies and people in future?

Anup Soans
12 May 2020 13:50

Thank you Ajit.

Products can be commodity. But services must be unique. 

Just need to find the what the doctor needs to make each patient journey a better experience for him and the patient and provide those services.

Salil Kallianpur will be talking about this in his forthcoming sessions.

Ajit Kakirde
13 May 2020 00:16

sir looking forward for Mr Kallianpur's session

Amaninder Dhillon
29 May 2020 19:18

Sir ,

It's good that new avenues of telemedicine are being explored but in hindsight, it will also create more confusion amongst patients. The availability of health advice on finger click will lead to multiple opinions as you will flip your health files with multiple Dr at your convenience and then trying to judge whos advice to follow. (Justlike we flip news channel and get confused as which news is authentic). -Dr Google Vs Dr Zoom

Ideally the telemedicine should be strongly backed and in sync with national treatment guidelines which, unfortunately, are not in existence in India.

Also most likely Its gone open a new pandora box of Medico -legal case as all the medical advice and consultation is recorded and can substitute as evidence in the court of law. (Especially related to off label use and unapproved combination , unecessary diagnostic test )

Adidtional Cost of Telemedicien can be a burden - until it is covered by Medical Insurance.

Propensity of Missuese by HCP / Hospital - Number of Teleconsultation ( Rationale will be Questionable by Insurance )

Increased Competition amongst Dr as each of them would like to be rated best among the rest (Practo Fiasco - ) if they are listed on common portal.

Since the data points in virtual world are traceable it may lead to information poaching / online spiders trawls of practice trends / information breach and subsequent sale of information by E- Pharmacies and Tele-Health Portal to Pharma Companies ( Competitive intelligence )