Digital Excellence Pharma Academy - an Inspiring Journey for the Pharma

Digital Excellence Pharma Academy - an Inspiring Journey for the Pharma

When push comes to shove

It's been four months since the first of its kind project in India, specially designed for the pharma, was launched. Field force, pharma marketing and sales people, C-level executives, trainers, consultants, vendors have all been taking advantage of top-notch content presented by a faculty of visionaries capable of bringing paradigm-shifting change of mindset to those who are ready to embrace it.


And ready they are! Coincidentally or not, the Academy's launch took place at the heat of an unprecedented global crisis that had many industries in a room with the walls closing in. This has been especially valid for the pharma and healthcare industries where most of the day-to-day activities as we know them simply seized to exist. 


Survival of the most adaptable

Whenever a group of people find themselves in an emergency situation, for example a plane crash on a desert island, immediately different attitudes and approaches appear in facing and dealing with the situation. Some just stay there hoping to be rescued, others don't even have the hope to wait for a rescue and just wait to die. These two groups are doomed. Another group would try to survive on what is left from the plane, building shelters from the scrap, trying to find the stewardess's food cart or anything else they can use out of the last environment known to them. They increase their chances but for how long?


The last group is the one that accepts the harsh situation, mobilizes and acts as if this is their new home. This is not to say they have given up on the chance of a rescue or things getting better, but they are ready to explore, discover and try anything before giving up. And this is a mindset that didn't appear just like that - this is a conditioning that they have been doing their entire life, building skills, gathering knowledge and experience to help them in any situation. And the truth is - evolutionally-wise this is hardwired in all of us. 



In the metaphorical plane crash that happened to the pharma one can observe a similar behaviour. Those who were not prepared to face a situation, where their usual activities were no longer relevant and applicable, didn't stand a chance. Others have had sporadic efforts in both training their employees and gaining some experience that would help them in such emergency situations but they are still waiting for things to get back to normal. Others, though, have accepted this New Normal and were quick to adapt in building new strategies that can work in an environment that has changed irreversibly


And there is no doubt that digital is already playing a major role in any successful pharma company. It's been a topic for quite some time but it has always been treated as something that is nice to have. Well, know it is a must-have! And it is not only about tools, software, digital campaigns and what not, but it is about a change of mindset that is required. And adapting starts with adopting.

A place for the enlightened

If you are someone who believes that pharma business will go on as it has been going on for decades, the Academy is not for you. 

If you think that some digital campaign here and there represents a digital shift in your company, this is not the place.

If you are also a digital extremist, thinking that the human factor will disappear, by all means, go your own way.


Digital Excellence Pharma Academy is for those who are clear-headed, ready for knowledge, and ready to adapt and change their ways with this knowledge. It is a place for C-suite executives who are leaders and influencers, and for managers and field force who are not only concerned with meeting their targets the usual way but who are ready to learn a 100 new different ways to do that.


It is a place for discoverers, explorers and even mavericks who realize the constant need for change and make their own paths.

It is just the start

With fifteen sessions so far and many more to go, we are just at the beginning of this year-long journey. And we are all travelling together with our outstanding guides and more than 2000 early-adopters from more than 200 companies.


First three months of the Academy were focused on field force excellence, strategy, leadership and adopting the digital mindset, eloquently presented by our faculty in the face of Anup Soans, Deep Bhandari, Hariram Krishnan and Salil Kallianpur.


In the months to come, we will be having exciting guest-speakers with different backgrounds and interesting stories to share.


Stay tuned for our webinars! You wouldn't want to miss a single session!