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DEPA 2.0 - Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series





Dear All,

As part of our continuing efforts to enable pharma professionals to upskill, CredoWeb in partnership with MedicinMan will be launching DEPA 2.0 - A 4 Module Workshop series, delivered online.

Today, we begin Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series as a part of DEPA 2.0. The objective of the Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series is to engage Indian Pharma L&D community in a dialogue to understand their challenges in upskilling the field force.

L&D professionals at all levels will have to play a proactive role in making pharma professionals digital-ready. And to enable this, DEPA 2.0 will bring to you a series of interactions with L&D thought leaders via the Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series.

Today, we begin the Indian Pharma L&D Leadership Series with an interview with Ravi Dangwal, Head of L&D at Indian Immunologicals, Hyderabad. Ravi Dangwal began his career as a Medical Rep with Pfizer, where he worked for over 16 years, becoming a District Manager. He later moved to Abbott and Walter Bushnell, prior to his current experience.

Ravi has written, The Winning Wheel, based on his two decades of experience in the Indian Pharma industry.

In this interview, we explore how pharma professionals can shape their careers successfully as envisaged in his book, The Winning Wheel.


Dr. Peter Velev                                                                                                             Anup Soans

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