CREDO (Latin word for “I believe”) in our sense means trust.

The whole healthcare sector is based on the trust between its stakeholders. Therefore, we named our platform CredoWeb – aiming to build trust between healthcare stakeholders in the digital space.


CredoWeb is a digital platform that seeks to facilitate professional communication between all healthcare stakeholders and provide them with a unique online space where they can exchange knowledge, opinions and information.


Realizing the power of increasing digitalisation in healthcare, CredoWeb strives to become the world’s leading provider of digital tools, channels, and solutions that enable entirely new communication models within the healthcare industry.


CredoWeb is a new generation interactive communication platform connecting all healthcare industry stakeholders – doctors, patients, organizations and companies.

We transform the communications with HCPs and patients because we offer multichannel toolset of services including:

  • pages of companies, organizations, products and people
  • virtual events and webinars
  • e-learning courses
  • tailor-made e-messaging
  • organizing live conferences via CredoMeet video calls 
  • online surveys
  • content sharing according to specialty and interests
  • patient support activities and others.

CredoWeb is fully compliant with all industry regulations including pharmacovigilance. 

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