About Us

X’act Communications is a communication agency, with a dedicated scientific and creative team sourced from the premier Institutes/Agencies & Organizations from across India.


Over the last 20 years of enriching operations, we have transformed from providing dynamic communication packages for brand building to Comprehensive Marketing Support Services to our clients across the spectrum of the healthcare industry.


X’act Communications is in the field of medical communication encompassing Print, Film, and Digital Media.


X’act Communication is backed by dedicated professionals, with a wide range of experience in Medical Journalism and Pre and Post Productions covering all media.


At X’act Communications, we will assist you in providing X’act and credible medical information, to your target customers, quickly through one or more formats as:


1.Comprehensive special issues on focused subjects, be it on molecule or Indication based
2.Leave behinds, Newsletters or Journals
3.Patient education booklet/LBL/Posters
4.Corporate profile/Product launches films
6.Product or corporate multimedia presentations
7.CME as interactive flash presentations
8.E detailing
9.Creating exclusive computer games based on your products
10.Ezine – Electronic newsletter
11. Digital platform for Pharma Managers

12. Conducting certificate CME courses for doctors from renowned Universities and Associations from the world