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Way back in some decade of centuries, branding was done to separate one's cattle from other's, so could be identified by ranch owners. Moreover, later on such branding concept were in high use by many owners by a unique mark, initials, a symbol or any other mean to identify there piece of work.

As American Marketing Association (AMA) defines, a

Graphical representation of Brand definition by American Marketing Association (AMA)
Over the times, the definition can be many but what i feel a Brand today must be consumer centric and a passion is needed for the product manager to drive consumer through a 'wow' factor for a emotional & lifelong relationship with the brand(s). Earlier Brand used to confine itself with 4P's (product, place, price and promotion). This (4P's) holds true of internal workout within the organisation at the time of launch & sometimes to differentiate from competitors (if any).

Many marketers say, when you think of a product-what comes to your mind instant, is the brand. Yes, great brands are those which comes to your mind first. Now, How the brand plots the consumer touchpoints & experience decides, what comes first to their mind. This 'brand show' leads the brand awareness/appeal to action or purchase.

Following is the model what i prefer and is impressive across the industries.

3B'Model by (for internal use only)
The above 3B'Model is from a brand manager point of view. Above model is plotted on a framework of Brand purpose, brand experience, brand delivery & brand communication.

A Brand on ideologue of consumer 'need-gap fulfillment' raises EXPECTATION via Digital, Media Advertising & other communicating mean. Internal people delivers the EXPERIENCE via Availability, Logistics, Engagement etc for Consumer Satisfaction.


As seen in the below representation, Brand Loyalty is always on higher side to brand ideology. You start raising awareness and gets into the mind of right consumers through consistent communications, the brand experience increases over a period of time.

Brand Experience Pathway..(1)
Anything below the Satisfaction benchmark would lead to poor experience or no future leads.


A) BRAND(3B Model of brandsoutlook).

Has a purpose in terms of Vision & Mission (aligned to Organisational Business Goal)
Both Internal & External Customers must have clear communication about brand.
A deep customer insight (need-gap) is mandatory- as they are authority not you.
Engages Sense Organ
Leaves Impression
Define Core Strength, Threats, Opportunity & Area your brand is not good at.


B) BRAND SHOW (3B Model of brandsoutlook)

"It's the SHOW TIME"- How you attract your consumer to come to theater.

Now, this is one of the most important playfield, better to say battleground (consumer's appeal) where you need a accurate weapon (strategic benefits) & high saliency for high mental availability to turn up the right consumer to your brand. When a brand manager develop a business around the customer's mind & connects all the consumer touchpoints, its fairly easy to get a action of buy/purchase. Really great, you got a lead !!

Simon Sinek in one of his tedtalks has coined "Golden Circle" of why a consumer would buy your product.


This video will be helpful to develop a communication for a brand in terms, where your belief & consumer realization coincides. And how you could generate a wonderful content.

Brand Show is the platform where you influences customer for benefits and the same has to be in the brand communications consistently.

Why customer experience matters.
As a brand manager, one must see the product/brand as a consumer's front. Hence following graphics will help you to create a brand show with high user experience.

BRAND SHOW touchpoints.
Prepare a Brand Communication which articulates all the touchpoints and consumer will have a transparent communication & clear content (How a consumer wants to see it as). This is what a brand manager commitment in Brand Show is laid on above 8 dimensions. Additionally, feedback/reviews & community has a role in brand loyalty as well.


C) BRAND LOYALTY (3B Model of brands-outlook)

Brand Loyalty Pyramid (Source: Marketing Management, millenium Edition, Prentice hall Inc., Upper Saddlr River, NJ 2002)

Brand Loyalty is the repeat purchase made by consumer out of commitment to the brand. It is one among the best indicator of why a consumer chooses your brand from a set of alternative brands available.

A brand manager need to check whether purchase is made of commitment to brand or is an accidental buy. A brand loyalty loop can be depiction and at the same time it helps brand managers for taking fortified/corrective measure. There is a separate blog on brand loyalty on


Do what yo do so well that they will want to see it again & bring their friends

                                                                                                             -Walt Disney will be back with discussion in detail of:

Brands terminology
Brand Loyalty Loop
Consumer Pathway (in reference to book: Marketing 4.0)


4. Brand Metrics


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