CredoWeb offers new interactive training environment for pharma in India

CredoWeb offers new interactive training environment for pharma in India

New challenges such as COVID pandemic require new solutions. Travel restrictions and social distancing changed our communication with trainings being no exception.


Going beyond LMS,  CredoWeb offers now new interactive and full-featured training environment empowered with latest digital tools and advanced analytics to open gateways to a highly impactful and uninterrupted learning eco-system.


The new training environment is suitable for both inhouse corporate trainers and for independent trainers. Trainers retain the intellectual property of their uploaded content and can reuse it throughout the platform.

Simple and easy onboarding for uninterrupted learning

  • Become online trainer by onboarding our ready-to-use secure and robust platform
  • Quickly convert existing training videos/PPTs into a learning module or courses
  • Easily enroll learners and begin imparting technology empowered trainings
  • Flexibly update or create new courses at your will
  • Manage everything and everyone at one place with total control


Suitable for Inhouse Corporate Trainers or Independent Trainers

Whether you lead inhouse corporate training or are an independent trainer, you will be able to instantly deliver learner-centric training sessions by flexibly bundling training modules on sales-skills, medico‑marketing‑skills or soft‑skills to form an online course befitting your own requirements and making learning experience personalized, simple, flexible and seamless.


  • Digital induction or on-boarding training of your newly joined MRs or employees
  • Self-paced voluntary refresher training for sales or marketing professionals or allied HCPs
  • Develop your ability to service multiple training requests from different BUs or locations


Details of inclusions


You will have access to a comprehensive learning environment including full featured LMS which allows you to seamlessly create, update course content and communicate with users.  An array of leading-edge digital learning tools will be at your disposal  to create your own learning modules:


  • Self-paced interactive e-Learning modules from available instructor-led presentations/videos
  • Virtual collaborative classrooms on-demand live audio video interactions
  • Provision for course credits
  • Learner’s competency testing or assessment
  • Conduct opinion polls or surveys
  • Customizable certificates of participation
  • Text and media-rich messaging
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • Can use gamifications to motivate using sense of achievement


Learner-centric activity dashboard with insightful analytics


What is more, the new training environment is complemented by:

  • Learner-centric activity dashboard with insightful analytics based on reach, frequency, involvement and engagement tracking
  • Dedicated and secure course pages with detailed course descriptions
  • Higher search listings with inbuild search engine optimization SEO
  • Hand holding and technical support for using platform tools and feature


Choose smart digital transformation for learning excellence

The flexibility imparted by online on-demand courses to garner knowledge at one’s own pace is one of the most effective ways that maximizes non-stop learning.

  • Facilitate anytime, anywhere, any device availability of digital learning and reference material for uninterrupted knowledge acquisition
  • Remotely engage, coach, mentor, assess your newly onboarding employees or voluntary learners from the comfort of their home
  • Deliver a blend of instructor-led videos, self-study courses, tests, credits, opinion polls, digital certificates or even engage with on-demand live audio video interactions
  • Optimise on costs and time resources by avoiding travel, lodging, boarding
  • Access advanced analytics wherein participation and learning results can be measured and tracked to provide feedback to learner and / or his manager
  • Switching from manual lecture repetitions to reusability of recorded / digitized content - reduces huge strain and allows you to focus on core assessment of the participants
  • Allow participants to interact with you or co-participants via audio, video or text chat or allow them to even upload their own detailing video for your assessment
  • Considering progressively reduced attention spans, facilitate engagement with small bite-size microlearning like quick videos, short articles, survey/polls, smart quizzes etc.
  • Gamification for fun blended learning with achievement milestones / consistent progression.


For packages and further information contact:

Manish Badonia
+91 9426649896


Sujas Shah
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