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Winning Insights for Pharma in a COVID-19 World





This weeks's speaker, Dr Sanjoy Mitra holds an MBA and PhD in Management Sciences. He is Managing Director of SMSRC and a practicing professional since 1986 in the field of market research and pharmaceutical strategic marketing.  He has helped most of the leading pharmaceutical organizations (both nationals and multi-nationals) in their process of maintaining and acquiring leadership through prescription research and data based strategic consultancy for perspective setting, marketing restructuring, field force planning, brand building, therapy management, portfolio management and achieving time bound targets.


Digital Excellence Pharma Academy

21 Aug 2020 16:26 Pinned

Here's Wednesday's LIVE Q&A in case you missed it.


Vivek Hattangadi

21 Aug 2020 17:46

Wow! Great learnings!😊



21 Aug 2020 19:26

Great Insight! Thanks Mr. Anup for this webcast!


Manish Badonia

24 Aug 2020 14:59

Thanks Hitesh!


Pradip Paudyal

22 Aug 2020 09:16

Great insight sir, elaboration is excellent and provided big knowledge for sustainable prescription generations and how brand building activities will be continued in present scenario, thank you so much credoweb !!!


P K Verma

29 Aug 2020 13:30

As usual, Dr. Mitra could enlighten everyone with his expertise and experience. The important observation which was clear from the survey and his explanation was , that once Covid-19 vaccine is out , the so called "New Normal" will revert to "Normal - Normal" with likely greater intervention of digital tool. There is unlikely to be a digital whitewash which many Digital Experts have initially p... See more


Anup Soans

29 Aug 2020 16:04

"The challenge is how to make this human touch more digitally enabled for better ROI" - That's' the essence of any tech adoption - making humans more productive. Thank you PK Verma.


Prasad Mahadevan -

24 Aug 2020 20:22

It was really an insightful discussion with facts & figures . Rightly said by Dr Mitra its how the Software Companies & Pharma Industries tap on the aspirations of the doctors to turn digitally into action will be the real game. Also the key is to work on the basics of marketing & focus on your key specialties & customers & work on prescription generation & build strategies looking at the long ... See more


Vani Bhaskar

22 Aug 2020 16:53

insights with facts n figures gives new dimensions to way forward. Also new info demography predernxe among women high compared to males. Thks.


Amrendra Mishra

21 Aug 2020 19:05

wonder full insights and facts and data about covid era market.


Sagar Rajendra Khambayat


21 Aug 2020 18:19

Very Insightful discussion


Bhaskar Chakravorti

21 Aug 2020 17:51

Very interesting Covid survey findings. Pharma companies who want to engage Doctors digitally need to translate the awareness and aspirations of Doctors to use Patient Management Softwares. They should start selectively with younger doctors and lady doctors who are favourably inclined to digitalisation.


Dilip Chandrakant Korde

21 Aug 2020 17:35

Good Insight


Vani Bhaskar

20 Aug 2020 15:50

Nice session n go to basics is the mantra.


Vishal Vikkal

19 Aug 2020 23:41

Big Fan !!


Shiva Natarajan

19 Aug 2020 19:36

Good to hear from you Sanjoy. A wake up call to go back to basics of creating a meaningful value proposition for brands followed by relentless execution.